AU 24K "Side-bites" (Full Base) 2:1, SUP, Wake



The AU 24K Side-bites offer a reinforced blend of carbon fiber in the lower half of the fin that deflects energy from the solid base to the flexible tip. This energy has a recoil effect when combined with our patented AU signature curve! It creates what we refer to as "Spiral Propulsion Technology". This fin set offers a great deal of control and drive to any 2:1 longboard/retro board, SUP & Wakesurf set-ups. We came out with the AU 24K Side-bites after popular demand and incredible testimonials of how much more they improved the ride of the above mentioned wave riding choices. 

  • Construction: Performance Hex-Core
  • Resin: Elastomax strength Polymer
  • Foil: Gradual Flat
  • Base: 3x reinforced base
  • Tech: Spiral Propulsion
  • Gold: 24 Karat
  • Base to tip: 4 3/4